Posted: 04 December 2003PereSoft releases Cashbook, EFTXpress 5.2A for ACCPAC Advantage Series

Peresoft Software, a leading ACCPAC international development partner that specialises in developing cash management solutions for ACCPAC Advantage Series, has released the 5.2A version of PereSoft Cashbook, the de facto cash management solution for ACCPAC.

Among a host of exciting new features, the latest release offers compatibility to ACCPAC 5.2A, an interface to ACCPAC Project and Job Costing and IBM DB2 as a database choice.

This version also offers the tightest ACCPAC integration to date with a seamless interface to ACCPAC Security, Users and Fiscal Calendar.

PereSoft combined the release of Cashbook 5.2A with the launch of EFTXpress, its new electronic funds transfer (EFT) program.

In addition to creating an EFT file in the exact format the relevant bank requires for processing EFT payments, EFTXpress also complements RecXpress functionality.

Once the bank has processed the EFT payments, EFTXpress imports the reference numbers generated by the bank. EFTXpress will match these payment entries to the EFT transactions in the Cashbook and update the reference numbers in the Cashbook bank reconciliation to facilitate reconciliation to bank statements by RecXpress. The renowned RecXpress for Cashbook imports bank statement and performs an automatic reconciliation of Cashbook bank accounts.