Posted: 07 November 2012Cashbook, Recxpress and EFTXpress 2012 Released

Peresoft Cashbook, RecXpress and EFTXpress 2012 Released

Peresoft is pleased to announce the release of Cashbook, RecXpress and EFTXpress 2012.
In the 2012 version the installation of Cashbook, RecXpress and EFTXpress is combined in a single install procedure.

Peresoft 2012 Products Available for Download

Cashbook, LanPac, RecXpress and EFTXpress 2012 Client SupportPlus Upgrades and Solution Provider Demos with the relevant Serial Numbers and Activation Codes are available for download in the SupportPlus section of the Partner Area on the Peresoft website.
The Peresoft 2012 products are also available for download in the MCD Product Downloads section.

Activate Your Peresoft Products Seamlessly Via the Internet

To activate your Peresoft products seamlessly via the Internet log into your Sage 300 ERP company database and select C/B Setup – License Activation.

50 New Features in Cashbook, RecXpress and EFTXpress 2012 

Batch Entry

  • New batch entry setting for the batch entry type field to precede the ref/cheque field. This will speed up entry if you enter an alpha-numeric value in the ref/cheque field and then select Accounts Payable as the entry type the ref/cheque field is not cleared.

  • A check box in batch entry that makes the reference/cheque field mandatory to prevent unnecessary error batches caused by a blank reference/cheque.

  • GL Amount field - In a multicurrency entry where the source currency is different to the functional currency, once you have saved the entry you can edit the amount in the GL Amount field and the Source Exchange Rate will automatically be recalculated.

  • Enter a tax only detail line with no base amount in Cashbook batch entry to update the tax tracking report.

  • Update tax tracking report per detail line for each item tax class. 

Batch List

  •  Filter Cashbook batch list by bank code to display only the batches for a particular bank.

  • No. of errors column in Cashbook batch list to display the amount of errors in a posted batch.

  • Click on no. of errors to go to posting journal error report for the posting sequence.

  • Sort batch list in either ascending or descending order

 Bank Reconciliation

  • Lock the bank reconciliation by range to lock completed reconciliations and prevent users from changing the reconciliation.

  • Allow user to lock and unlock reconciled entries on the fly.

  •  Lock entries during posting when selecting to reconcile entries.

  • Audit tracking information at transaction detail level which tracks when a user changes the reconciled status of an entry. The following details are kept:

  • Previous status.

  • User responsible for changing status.

  • Date status changed.

  • Source application responsible for status change.

  • Transaction detail report  including audit and RecXpress information for current and history transactions.

  • Bank reconciliation adjustments for unreconciled entries.

 Bank Summary

  • Bank summary drill down to bank reconciliation.

  • Bank reconciliation date range displayed. 

Bank Accounts

  • Select a default source code in Cashbook bank accounts to fill the source code in the batch entry detail line as a default for that bank.

  • Option to not use clearing accounts.

  • Minimum and maximum functional entry amount in bank security by user to control the amount a user can enter per entry.  

Cashbook Options

  • Option for batch entry blank reference field validation. 

Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable Interface 

  • A “Set Ready to Post” option to automatically set the status of Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable retrieved batches to Ready to Post in Cashbook.

  •  Ability to select if you want to retrieve batches from Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Order Entry and Other third party products.  

Project and Job Costing Interface  

  • A Cashbook option to post batches automatically in Project and Job Costing.

  • Option in Cashbook bank accounts to use a clearing account and to default the account in the Cashbook batch entry detail line to the clearing account if job related is set to yes.  

Speed Improvements in:

  • Reconcile range in bank reconciliation

  • Print Cashbook

  • Print Reconciliation

  •  Print Cashflow

  • Print Cheques & Receipts

  • Print Missing Cheques


  •  Keeps current and last statement date to prevent re-importing the same statement.

  • RecXpress balances and totals displayed on import screen.

  • Import unlimited amount of bank statements simultaneously.

  • Keeps a list of bank statements to import by user.

  • Select to match amounts to date later than stmt transaction date.

  • Add bank statement amount to template rules.

  • Generate AR refund entries to Cashbook batch.

  • Tighter integration between Cashbook and RecXpress by displaying all the RecXpress information in the bank reconciliation detail drilldown.

  • Unreconciling Cashbook entry unposts entry in RecXpress

  • Drilldown in RecXpress to the Cashbook transaction detail.

  • Select transaction enquiry for Cashbook entries in RecXpress.

  • Lock Cashbook entries when posting RecXpress Reconciliation.

  • Transaction detail report shows all RecXpress details of how the entry was matched and reconciled by RecXpress.

  • RecXpress Integrity Check to Ensure RecXpress Data Integrity. 


  • Select up to three fields for the description that will appear on your bank statement and the description that will appear on the beneficiary bank statement.

  • Append Retrieved AP EFT Entries to Existing Cashbook EFT Batch

  • Option to retrieve AR refund batches as EFTXpress entries.

  • Enter EFTXpress Vendor/Customer bank payment details on the fly from Batch Entry.