Posted: 24 August 2017Cashbook, RecXpress, RecXpress for Bank Services and EFTXpress 2018 Released

New Features in Version 2017/2018 Release

Peresoft is pleased to announce the release of Cashbook, RecXpress, RecXpress for Bank Services and EFTXpress 2018.

Cashbook, RecXpress, EFTXpress

  • Compatibility with Sage 300 2018
  • Fresh, modern look and feel on desktop screens
  • New icons on the desktop


  • Speed improvement on Cashbook bank reconciliation date range selection.
  • Distribution Set Fixed Percentage Allocation - Specify the percentage of the total amount to allocate to each distribution set line.
  • Inactive Bank Option - Option to set the bank as inactive to not print on the bank summary report and prevent batch entries or reconciliation.
  • Default Tax Method by Bank - Option to set Default Tax Method by bank to Calculate, Enter or Tax Line.
  • Inactive Bank in Bank Reconciliation - Bank reconciliation for inactive bank opens in read-only mode.
  • Show All Marked Entries - Option to show all marked entries in bank reconciliation.
  • Adjust All Marked Entries - Option to adjust marked entries range in bank reconciliation.
  • Reconcile Adjustment Entries During Posting - Option in posting to reconcile adjustment entries.
  • Post button in Batch Entry to post the batch from within the batch.
  • Entered By field in Batch Entry to indicate the User that entered the batch.
  • Data Integrity option to Check Balances Only for a quick check of the Cashbook balances.


  • Option for Multiple reconciliation  Option to reconcile a single or multiple bank statement entries to a single or multiple Cashbook entries.
  • RecXpress Statement History - History of posted bank statement reconciliations.
  • RecXpress History Cashbook Transaction Detail Drill Down - Drill down to detail in Cashbook transaction or history file.
  • Match With Error Option - Option to select whether entries should be matched with error or not during bank statement import.
  • Reconciliation Match Options - Option to match entries by Reference, Reference|Description, Description, Description|Reference during bank statement import.
  • Generate Unapplied Cash AR Receipt entries.
  • Finder on Compare Description field in Template Rules  To easily find any rule in the Rules Template.
  • Auto Allocate Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable entries by Document Number, Document Date or Due Date when generating batches.
  • RecXpress Options - Option to Post Cashbook RecXpress batches automatically.
  • RecXpress Options - Option to set RecXpress Auto Allocate Defaults.
  • Entry Date - Enter the date at which the Cashbook entry is generated in the batch.
  • Filter on the Cashbook transactions displayed in the RecXpress reconciliation.
  • Drill down to the layout of the bank format in the Bank Formats list.


  • Setup payment information for multiple vendor bank accounts per Cashbook Bank Code.
  • Additional fields available to select for My Statement Description Setup and Beneficiary Statement Description Setup.
  • Drill down to view required fields for a particular bank format.
  • EFT Process Date moved from EFT Bank Setup to Batch Control for easy editing.

For a full list of features in Peresoft's 2017 products you can view this powerpoint presentation.