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Peresoft NetXpress News             23  July 2004

Peresoft Opinion Poll

The Peresoft website now boasts a new poll facility which enables visitors to express their opinion on pertinent Peresoft questions. Visit the Peresoft website and vote on topics which will influence the course of Peresoft product and service development. This is your opportunity to make us aware of your opinion and be informed of the popular view on the Peresoft products and services you use.

Peresoft Partner Locator

We have created a Peresoft Partner Locator on the Peresoft Website to assist clients in locating a Peresoft Partner in their area. Peresoft Partners are invited to visit the Partner Locator and verify their company information listed.

If your company information needs to be updated please adhere to the following simple procedure: 

1. In the Peresoft Partner Area select the menu options: Support Plus - Client Support Plus.

2. In the Information to Display field utilise the drop down list to select "Your Company information" and click "GO"

3. Once you have updated your company information select the "Submit Changes" button where after a Peresoft representative will update the relevant information.

This account is designed for outgoing e-mail messages only, and cannot receive any inbound messages.

This email is only meant for Peresoft clients, if you wish to unsubscribe, please email and you will be removed from this email list.

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