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Peresoft NetXpress News             (9 June 2003)

SupportPlus Expiry Dates Brought In Line

As of 1 June 2003 Peresoft is initiating a new SupportPlus Renewal Policy which will make the SupportPlus renewals of your client's various Peresoft products more convenient.

When you select "Get SupportPlus Quotation" in the SupportPlus section of the Partner Area on the Peresoft website, the SupportPlus renewals are now calculated to bring all the SupportPlus expiry dates in line.

Solution Provider commission on SupportPlus products renewed will also increase to 20%.

For the first two months to kick-start the new policy no penalties will be charged on products which have expired. Clients will only be charged for the expired period calculated on a monthly basis.

As of 1 August 2003:

  1. An extra month SupportPlus will be charged on any expired SupportPlus contract.

  2. Products which have expired for a period exceeding 24 months will be charged at Full Upgrade price + SupportPlus for the subsequent year.

Please click here for a step by step Published PowerPoint Guide or download a Zipped PowerPoint Guide on how to generate a SupportPlus Quotation for your clients.