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Peresoft NetXpress News             (24 February 2003)

Cashbook 5.0A SP1 Provides Compatibility with ACCPAC 5.1A

Peresoft is please to announce the release of Cashbook version 5.0A Service Pack 1 which provides Cashbook 5.0A compatibility with ACCPAC version 5.1A System Manager, General  Ledger, Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable.

Cashbook 4.2A Support Phased Out

Peresoft no longer supports Cashbook version 4.1A and in line with ACCPAC International&39;s policy to "retire Advantage Series 4.2 as a supported platform" with the release of their 5.1A version, Peresoft will be phasing out Cashbook 4.2A support over the next three months. Due to the tight integration between Cashbook and ACCPAC Advantage Series modules Peresoft has no option but to follow suit and will end Cashbook version 4.2A support on 31 May 2003. No further development will be done on the Cashbook 4.2A platform and in future Service Packs will only apply to Cashbook version 5.0A.