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Peresoft NetXpress News             (8 January 2003)

Peresoft Ships Version 5.0A Master CD's

Peresoft is pleased to announce the Master CD's for Peresoft version 5.0A products have been shipped to our various distributors internationally. The Peresoft Master CD 5.0A set consist of 4 CD's which include Cashbook, Cashbook Upgrades, RecXpress and LanPac.

The Master CD's include a Cashbook for Windows 5.0A Demo and Demo upgrade for in house use.

The entire Peresoft product range is also available for download in a new Product Download section which has been created on the Partner Area of the Peresoft website. The new facility will enable Solution Providers to download any Peresoft product which can be immediately installed using the 30 Day option. The software can then be activated at your convenience by completing the Master CD Activation Request Form or by submitting a purchase order to your local distributor.

Peresoft Master CD Product Activation Procedure

The following procedure must be followed when activating Peresoft version 5.0A products:


  1. Solution Provider completes the Master CD Activation Request Form under the Master CD option on the Partner Area of the Peresoft Web Site or submits a purchase order directly to their local distributor.
  2. When completing the Master CD Activation Request Form the Solution Provider will enter Solution Provider and Client Details and select the next button to enter the Product information.
  3. On completion of the Master CD Activation Request Form Peresoft and the Distributor will receive a Master CD Order Confirmation email.
  4. Once the Master CD Order Confirmation email is received by Peresoft, the Activation Department will generate a Serial Number and Activation Code which will be emailed to the relevant distributor for disbursement to the Solution Provider.

    New Features Available in Cashbook 5.0A

Peresoft 5.0A SupportPlus Product Upgrades Available for Download

Clients with a current SupportPlus Contract as of 1 December 2002 will be able to download their version 5.0A product upgrades from the SupportPlus section of the Partner Area on the Peresoft website. Clients with expired SupportPlus contracts who wish to upgrade to version 5.0A products need to renew their SupportPlus contracts first.