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Welcome to the Peresoft newsletter where we bring you all the latest information on Cashbook, RecXpress and EFTXpress

Product News - October 2021

Peresoft 2022 Products Now Available

Our official release of 2022 Cashbook, RecXpress, RecXpress for Bank Services and EFTXpress for Sage 300 2022 is now available. Included in this release is Peresoft's Web UIs for 2022.

If you are on a prior version, we would recommend that you consider upgrading to benefit from the latest features of Peresoft 2022 and Sage 300 2022. Reduce risk by staying on a Sage-supported version (current version plus 2 back) and maintain compatibility with other integrated elements of their system.

What's New in Version 2022

A Redesigned Finder

The Finder improves filtering and makes it easier to navigate through large sets of results.

Aligned more with the desktop functionality, improved keyboard accessibility.

Enhanced Integrated Help

Users can now find context sensitive help in the Sage 300 help menu.

Please refer to the following install instructions when installing the Web UIs.

Peresoft's 2022 Web UI Products require that Sage 300 2022 is installed. View the Latest Version Compatibility List to stay up to date.

New Web UIs for Sage 2020 PU6 and Sage 2021 PU3

Compatibility updates have also been released for Peresoft's Web UIs version 2020. These versions are compatible with Sage 2020 PU6 and Sage 2021 PU3.

Please refer to the readme file that is downloaded to \[sage]\[sage300]\Docs\CB6?AENG for more information.

Versions currently supported by Sage and Peresoft are 2020, 2021 and 2022.

Sage 300 Bank Feed working with RecXpress

RecXpress has over 200 different bank formats so it would make sense that it also works with Sage 300 bank feeds. At the moment you are able to set up an E-Statement template which will retrieve the information directly from the bank feed, but the information retrieved is not as customized as our direct imports. We are approaching Sage to try to have more specific data to be retrieved and look forward to being able to use the bank feed with the same results as importing the file.

New Bank Formats for RecXpress and EFTXpress

We have had a great response to our new formats working with the new legislative requirements in Namibia. It is very important that Peresoft keep ahead of the curve with regards to EFT processing due to it being a critical process and cannot afford any delays in making payments to employees or creditors. Peresoft therefore endeavours to give a 24-hour turnaround on all EFT queries preventing any frustrations that could be caused to your clients. It is also critical that you keep your client up to date with the latest versions of Sage 300 as we cannot update older versions of our products especially when it comes to EFT. Sometimes the changes are just too technical to move to a deprecated version.


Bank Format Country
Bank of Montreal Reconciliation Report (CSV) Canada
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Bank Format Country
FNB ENCR Namibia (CSV - No Hash Total) Namibia
STD Bank NBOL Namibia V1.2 Namibia
STD Bank Lesotho - Pain.001.001.03 (XML) Lesotho
STD Bank Malawi (CSV) Malawi
HSBC South Africa - Pre Format South Africa
HSBC Pan Asia (iFile) Indonesia
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Latest Documentation

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