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Peresoft Newsletter

Welcome to the Peresoft newsletter where we bring you all the latest information on Cashbook, RecXpress and EFTXpress

Product News - August 2021

Peresoft's 2021 RecXpress for Bank Services Web UIs

Peresoft's RecXpress for Bank Services 2021 release for Sage 2021 PU2 is now available for the Sage 300 Web UIs. Integrating seemlessly with Sage 300cloud, RecXpress Web UIs uses all the benefits that comes with using cloud products. Installing the Web UIs will provide your client with easy access by using just about any browser from anywhere in the world.

Corey Bechtel from Thornegate Consulting says "Once I get into setting this up for a client, I remember why this program is so awesome!! They spend 3 days reconciling and now it will be cut to less than a couple of hours or even less. 64 pages of bank statement done in no time at all!!"

With hundreds of bank feeds available, RecXpress is a world leader in setting standards on effectively reconciling thousands of companies' bank statements.

All Peresoft's 2021 Web UI Products require that Sage 300 2021 PU2 is installed.

Peresoft Products as SaaS (Software as a Service)

The release of our RecXpress for Bank Services product completes our range of solutions to be 'cloud ready'. Our priority was to provide our thousands of clients with a solution that would let the software run on-premise or in the cloud without any changes to the system. This has now been achieved by using development tools that are supported by all the major browsers.

The user now has a choice of having a private cloud environment or being able to move to SaaS without any changes to the way the software performs or functions.

Bobby Perel, MD of PereSoft, says "We originally developed the software so that we only had to redo the UIs. Our software creates a 'shield' which resides on the server and prevents unauthenticated data from being written to the database. This development strategy has lifted our software from a legacy product to once again becoming a leader in the industry for cloud technology."

Peresoft Wins Award

Peresoft has been awarded the 'Sage Platinum Elite Award'. Thank you #Sage for this prestigious award, to our Service Providers & customers for your loyalty and support over the years, and our team at #Peresoft who've worked tirelessly to enable us to become #SagePlatinumElite winners!

Bank Feed Technology - RecXpress and EFTXpress

RecXpress is truly a great product, saving the client hours if not days of work. Peresoft therefore wants to continuously enhance RecXpress to improve the client's experience with reconciling their Cashbook. Being in the forefront of this technology Peresoft will be providing all three different bank feed technologies in the near future.

Here is a list of the current and future bank feed technologies to be made available:

  • Importing Bank Statement
    • Advantages
    • Over 250 formats currently available
    • Unlimited new formats easily added
    • Customisable to client's exact requirements
    • No extra bank charges
    • Disadvantages
    • Client needs to download and import the file manually
  • Host 2 Host Direct Download
    • Advantages
    • No need to keep track of what statements to download
    • Always up to date with latest bank transactions
    • Customisable to client's exact requirements
    • Disadvantages
    • Limited availability
    • Must always be online
    • Extra bank charges
  • Logging In Directly To Bank
    • Advantages
    • No need to keep track of what statements to download
    • Don't need to be continuously online
    • Disadvantages
    • Limited bank accounts available
    • Transaction information restricted to what is available

New Bank Formats for RecXpress and EFTXpress

We have added many new bank formats for RecXpress, including ten formats for Sierra Leone banks.

For EFTXpress due to a change in legislation in Namibia we have added XML formats for First National Bank and Standard Bank.

There was also a change to the FNB format for Namibia for those companies who are not yet required to change to the XML formats. The new format is FNB ENCR Namibia.


Bank Format Country
HSBC Holdings Plc. Daily Statement South Africa
GreenStone Farm Credit Services USA
TD Bank Kingston - CSV format Canada
RBC Royal Bank (CSV) Barbados
Zenith Bank Nigeria
Access Bank Sierra Leone
Ecobank Bank Sierra Leone
Ecobank Bank Microfinance Sierra Leone
Guaranty Trust Bank Sierra Leone
Rokel Commercial Bank Sierra Leone
Commercial Bank Sierra Leone
Skye Bank Sierra Leone
UBA Sierra Leone
Union Trust Sierra Leone
Vista Bank Sierra Leone
Zenith Bank Sierra Leone
View All RecXpress Bank Formats


Bank Format Country
STD Business Online File Upload XML Namibia
FNB ENCR Namibia
FNB Bulk Domestic Payments v03 XML Namibia
Guaranty Trust Bank Ghana
NBC Tanzania
Bank Central Asia - Multi Transfer Indonesia
Bank of Nova Scotia Jamaica
View All EFTXpress Bank Formats
Latest Documentation

Our latest documentation is for RecXpress for Cashbook sample data for both On-Premise and for the latest Web UIs.

RecXpress for Cashbook Web UIs

RecXpress for Cashbook On-Premise

The above is available to download and will sh