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Peresoft Newsletter

Welcome to the Peresoft newsletter where we bring you all the latest information on Cashbook, RecXpress and EFTXpress to keep your clients up to date.

Product News

Peresoft's 2021 BETA Release Now Available

In anticipation of our official release in 2021 Cashbook, RecXpress and EFTXpress for Sage 300 2021 BETA is now available. Included in this release is Peresoft's Web UIs for 2021.

What's New in Version 2021

Tax Withheld for AR and AP

In the Batch Entry allocation screen a new field has been added for Tax Withheld to be entered for AR and AP entries.

When applying a receipt or a payment to an invoice this field will be calculated from the Applied Amount. Use the Detail Tax Withheld screen to view the tax withheld for the invoice. If taxes are remitted to multiple tax authorities for the invoice, the tax withheld amount is shown for each tax authority. On this screen, you can change tax withheld amounts.

Reference Number Length Increased

You can now enter up to twelve characters for AP entries and for AR refund entries. Previously only 9 characters were allowed.

Entries retrieved from AP Payments and from AR Refunds will now retrieve twelve characters into the Reference field.

In Batch Entry, retrieved AP entries will display a new field Vendor Cheque with the full fifteen characters of the Check Number.


A new option has been added - Use AR/AP Ref/Cheque. This will match the imported statement reference to the longer Vendor Cheque and Customer Cheque fields retrieved from AR and AP.

Peresoft's 2021 Products require that Sage 300 2021 PU1 is installed.

Sage 300 2020 PU4

Together with the 2021 release Peresoft has also released a new Web UI install for Sage 2020 PU4.

Please download and install our latest Web UI install from our product download page. The version displayed on our Web UI Screens should now be 1.04 for Cashbook and EFT and 1.02 for RecXpress. Please note you do not have to re-install our on-premise version.

Peresoft Closed over Festive Season

Peresoft will be closed from 21st December 2020 until the 4th January 2021. Development will be closed from the 14th December until 4th January 2021. Please ensure development requests are submitted by the 7th December 2020.

We would like to take this opportunity to wish you well over the festive season and thank you for your invaluable support for the past 38 years.

New bank formats added for RecXpress and EFTXpress


Bank Format Country
African Bank (MT950) South Africa
Sasfin Bank South Africa
Ulster Bank Ireland
Royal Bank of Canada Visa Canada
BMO Bank of Montreal - Custom format Canada
EDC Mandiri Asia
EDC BCA Malaysia
Banco di Caribe Curacao (BDC) Bank Curacao Aruba
Maduro & Curiel's Bank (MCB) Curacao Aruba
RBC Royal Bank Barbados Barbados
Republic Bank (Barbados) Ltd. Barbados
Sagicor Bank Jamaica
View All RecXpress Bank Formats


Bank Format Country
National Bank of Malawi Malawi
Bank Central Asia - Multi Transfer Asia
View All EFTXpress Bank Formats
New Documentation

Peresoft's Web UIs have now been available for over four months and is proving to be a huge success. The response has been very positive and we are finding users prefering the convenience of Web UIs to working on-premise. Ease of logging in and the same performance when posting, updating and reconciling entries makes the transition worthwhile.

To help the clients with this transition we are creating tutorial PDFs that can be used as quick reference to common functions used.

Please feel free to download and give to your clients for reference. We will continue to create new PDFs and please suggest what you would like to see in the future.