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Welcome to the Peresoft newsletter where we bring you all the latest information on Hotfixes, RecXpress and EFTXpress bank formats and any other pertinent information to keep your clients up to date.

Company News

Progress with the Cashbook Sage 300c Web UI's Development

Cashbook Batch Entry, Bank Reconciliation and RecXpress is completed and is currently in the testing phase before a beta release.

Product News

Latest Product Hotfixes

The following are the latest Hot Fixes released for the currently supported versions of the Peresoft Products:

  • Cashbook version 2019 (6.6A) Hotfix 2
  • Cashbook version 2018 (6.5A) Hotfix 5
  • Cashbook version 2017 (6.4A) Hotfix 11

Please run the “Check for Product Updates” function in License Activation to download and install the latest Hot Fixes.

New bank formats added for RecXpress and EFTXpress


Bank Format Country
Sage Pay Tab format Popular
View All RecXpress Bank Formats


Bank Format Country
Bank of Botswana CSV with Quotes Botswana
View All EFTXpress Bank Formats
Product Tips


Requirement: I have a Cashbook bank account with sensitive transaction data (e.g. salary and wages) to which I want to restrict all user access unless the user is authorized to access the bank account.

Solution: Use the bank security feature in the Cashbook Bank Accounts Security tab to prevent users from accessing any information related to the bank code unless the user is granted access to the bank code.

Product Tips


Requirement: I need to update the bank format list in RecXpress with the latest bank formats and bank format updates.

Solution: The RecXpress bank format record layouts are updated to a database table in the Sage 300 Company database when the “Update Bank Formats” function is run.

To ensure you have the latest bank formats do the following:

  • Go to C/B Setup | License Activation and run the “Check for Product Updates” function to install the latest Cashbook Hotfix.
  • Log into each Sage 300 Company and go to C/B RecXpress Setup | RecXpress Bank Formats | File and run the “Update Bank Formats” function.
Product Tips


Requirement: I need to setup the fields in EFTXpress to export the relevant information required for my specific EFT bank format to the EFT file. How do I know which fields are exported to the EFT file for my bank format?

Solution: In C/B Setup | Setup EFTXpress Banks you can view the record layout of the bank format by selecting the Zoom button next to the Bank Format name.

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