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Peresoft Newsletter

Welcome to the Peresoft monthly newsletter where we bring you all the latest information on Hotfixes, RecXpress and EFTXpress bank formats and any other pertinent information to keep your clients up to date.

Product Development

Cashbook for Sage 300cloud

Good progress is being made with the development of the Cashbook web screens for Sage 300cloud. The following is an update on the development completed so far as well as development in progress.


  • Batch Listing
  • Batch Posting
  • Bank Reconciliation: Date Ranges, Sort Sequences, Reconcile/Unreconcile (Ranges), Reversals (Reverse Range), Lock/Unlock (Range), Filter, Mark Entries
  • Bank Summary
  • Cashbook Report

In Progress:

  • RecXpress for Cashbook
  • Print Cheques/Receipts/Deposits
  • Batch Entry
  • Bank Reconciliation Adjustments

Batch Entry

Bank Reconciliation
Product News

Latest Product Hotfixes

The following are the latest Hot Fixes released for the currently supported versions of the Peresoft Products:

  • Cashbook version 2018 (6.5A) Hotfix 2
  • Cashbook version 2017 (6.4A) Hotfix 8
  • Cashbook version 2016 (6.3A) Hotfix 9
  • RecXpress for Bank Services version 2018 (6.5A) Hotfix 3
  • RecXpress for Bank Services version 2017 (6.4A) Hotfix 4
  • RecXpress for Bank Services version 2016 (6.3A) Hotfix 4

Please run the "Check for Product Updates" function in License Activation to download and install the latest Hot Fixes.

The Cashbook Hotfixes include an update to address the following issue:

Reversal tax issue – if the Tax Rate for an Item Tax Class changed after the original entry was entered the reversal tax calculation is at the new Tax Rate resulting in the reversal entry being out of balance with the original entry.

Bank Formats Update


Bank Format Country
WestPac New Zealand - CSV dd/mm/yyyy New Zealand
ABSA Reconfocus Statement 4 Unpacked South Africa
Bendigo e-banking (CSV) Australia
US Bank United States of America
CIBC - Activity Detail (CSV) Canada
HSBC Bank - QYIK Daily Canada
M & T Bank (CSV) United States of America
HSBC UK (CSV) United Kingdom
Royal Bank of Canada (CSV) Canada
View All RecXpress Bank Formats


Bank Format Country
STD Bank Business Online BOL South Africa
Ecobank - The Pan African Bank- MT940 format Ghana
View All EFTXpress Bank Formats
Product Tips


Requirement: I need to unreconcile a range of entries in my bank reconciliation.

Solution: Unreconcile a range of entries in the bank reconciliation by doing the following:

  1. Select Reconcile Range from the menu
  2. Select the range of Cashbook entries you wish to unreconcile
  3. Click on the expand icon
  4. Tick the "Open All reconciled" option and select the "Unreconcile" button
Product Tips


Requirement: I need to add a new rule on the fly.

Solution: All imported bank statement entries that do not have rules are assigned to the Category "OTHER".

To add a rule on the fly, do the following:

  1. In the RecXpress reconciliation select to display the "No Match" Import Status.
  2. Use the Category filter at the top of the reconciliation form and select the Category "OTHER" to display all bank statement entries with no Rules.
  3. Setup the default GL Account, Source Code, Tax, and Accounts Payable or Accounts Receivable allocation details to use when the entry is generated.
  4. Change the Category from "OTHER" to a Category of your choice on the bank statement entry detail line.
  5. When prompted "You have changed the Category from OTHER to XXXXX. Do you want to add this entry to Category XXXXX in your Rules Template?" Select Yes to save the new Rule to the Rules Template.
  6. You are then prompted "Successfully added Category XXXXX. Would you like to edit this entry’s defaults?" Select Yes.
  7. Edit the new Rule’s Compare Method and Compare Description to make it more specific.
  8. Select the "Refresh" button to apply this Rule to all entries in Category "OTHER" that match the Rule criteria.
  9. Select Yes when prompted "Are you sure you want to refresh the imported reconciliation?"

The entries are moved to the Category defined in the new Rule.

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