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Peresoft Newsletter

Peresoft Cashbook Version 5.6A and 6.0A Release 2

Peresoft is pleased to announce Cashbook version 5.6A and 6.0A Release 2 is now available for download in the MCD Product Downloads section of the Peresoft website.

Release 2 contains all the Service Packs and latest Hot Fixes and provides you with a super efficient process to activate Peresoft licenses and install product updates and hot fixes.

New Enhanced License Activation

The License Activation function activates your Peresoft products directly via the Internet. This simple, easy and hassle free activation process provides the following major benefits:

1. The 40 character activation codes no longer have to be entered manually.
2. At the click of a button your licenses are instantaneously activated.
3. You no longer have to concern yourself that the activation codes are correct.
4. Lanpacs can be activated directly from the license activation application and no installation process is required.
5. Different database licenses are automatically activated if your clients change from Pervasive to SQL.

New Automatic Product Updates

The new Product Updates function in Cashbook License Activation checks for the latest Peresoft Product Updates and Hot Fixes and downloads and installs the updates directly from the internet.

Monitoring Software Assurance

With the introduction of Cashbook Release 2 Peresoft changed the name Supportplus to Software Assurance and added a very useful new feature to assist clients in monitoring their software assurance by ensuring the client is reminded when their software assurance expires.

The following benefits are available to a client with current software assurance:

1. Latest product updates which contain new features.
2. Future development and enhancement requests will be incorporated into the product.
3. The future of their software is guaranteed.
4. Latest versions and new platform updates.
5. Compatibility to the latest Operating System environments.


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