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Peresoft NetXpress News             (28 June 2001)

Cashbook Compatibility Chart

Cashbook Edition

ACCPAC Advantage Series Edition


Feature Restriction

Cashbook Enterprise Edition

Enterprise, Corporate, Small Business, Discovery



Cashbook Corporate Edition

Corporate, Small Business, Discovery


No Multicurrency

Cashbook Discovery Edition


3 No Multicurrency, No RecXpress Interface, No Batch Import, No Batch Archive/Retrieve, No Cashflow and Missing Cheque Register reports.

Please Note: Cashbook version 4.1 and 4.2 are compatible with both ACCPAC Advantage Series version 4.1 & 4.2.

If you install the ACCPAC Advantage Series Corporate Edition Multicurrency module with your ACCPAC Advantage Series Small Business or Corporate Edition, you will have to install Cashbook for Windows Enterprise Edition in order to have a multicurrency Cashbook interface to your ACCPAC Advantage Series Small Business or Corporate Edition.

We updated our Cashbook for Windows Corporate Edition on 26 June 2001 to interface to the new ACCPAC Advantage Series Small Business Edition.

If you purchased a Cashbook for Windows Corporate Edition that does not include the update, please download the following file cb42ace.exe which will enable you to interface the Cashbook for Windows Corporate Edition to ACCPAC Advantage Series Small Business Edition.

Cashbook Setup Wizard

The following is a sneak preview of the new Setup Wizard that will soon be available in Cashbook for Windows.

The Cashbook Setup Wizard will:

Create Default Bank Accounts

On request create bank accounts in Cashbook for all bank accounts in ACCPAC Bank Services. 

Create Fiscal Calendars

Create Fiscal Calendars in Cashbook from Fiscal Calendars in ACCPAC Common Services.

Set Up Users and User Passwords

Create Users and User Passwords in Cashbook from Users in ACCPAC Administrative Services.

Create Source Codes

On request Source Codes can be created for: Cash, Cheques, AP Cheques, AR Receipts, AR Cheques, General Entries, Journals, Transfers, Adjustments, Forex, Deposits, Stop Orders, Void Cheques and Reversals.

Beta Test Sites

Peresoft invites Business Partners who are interested in running Beta Test Sites for future Cashbook and new product releases to email us at .